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Terms and Conditions

The website is a casino, gambling and news website but does not host or operate any actual gambling activity. You will not be able to place bets or wagers anywhere on the website.

Content hosted on this site is for a mature audience so all visitors must be at least 18 years of age (or the legal gambling age in your country).

Information Regarding Gambling Stats

While we do our best to provide accurate information at all times, any information provided with regards to statistics from a third-party website cannot be guaranteed. Statistics regarding paybacks, house edges, pay-outs, or other info from third-party sites can change without notice.

All data is provided for information purposes only and —— cannot be held responsible for errors contained in articles, news stories, gambling stats, or other documents.

Legal Gambling Sites

We hope that players who choose to gamble online following advice from our site have an enjoyable experience. We endeavor to ensure that all our suggested casinos are properly licensed and regulated. However, should you run into any trouble while using a third-party casino or website, we suggest that you contact the support team of that site.

We are unable to offer support for problems encountered on third-party sites and take no responsibility for losses incurred as a result. If you are unable to find a satisfactory solution we suggest contacting the websites gambling license issuer.


—— uses a standalone privacy policy that all users should read to familiarise themselves with how we protect your identity. It includes details regarding our use of cookies too provide you with the best possible experience. 

Cookies are used at all times throughout the website and should you wish you can remove these manually on your own device. 

International Laws Related to Gambling

Each country around the world has its own specific set of laws regarding online gambling. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are aware of the rules and regulations governing the country or state that you are in.

The casinos listed on this website and any other third-party site will also have its own rules and regulations. Be sure to check the specific legalities of each as they may differ vastly from one to the other.

Bonuses and Promotional Offers

Any bonuses or promotional offers advertised on this website are subject to change without notice. Due to the nature of advertising for a third-party provider, we are unable to guarantee any offer. However, we endeavor to ensure all offers and advertisements are to the highest standard and offer accurate information.

Please read through the terms and conditions associated with any bonus or promotional offer. Many offers will contain specific details that may be relevant to claim the associated prize or bonus credits.

Errors and/or Omissions

We always take the greatest care to ensure that all information presented here is accurate and up to date. However, the occasional error and/or omission is unavoidable and for this, we apologize. Please feel free to let us know should you spot any mistakes.

As much of our information is provided by third-party providers, we cannot take responsibility for any losses incurred as a result of errors or omissions. We recommend you always double-check any information with the relevant provider.

Problems with gambling

If you are having trouble with your gambling activities or feel you may have a problem please read our responsible gambling section. We offer a wealth of practical advice to help limit damaging gambling practices and reduce the possibility of addiction. 

Changes/Updates to Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions listed here were created on the 12th of August 2020. Any additional changes or amendments to the terms and conditions will be updated in this section and communicated to our users as necessary.